We perform all lice treatment services with certified, professionally-trained, compassionate specialists in a clean and relaxed environment.

We use only organic, all-natural products, which are not treated on animals.

We are the only facility trained & certified in The Shepherd Method™ in the greater northwest Houston, Texas, area.

We only treat head lice when definitive evidence is found and that evidence is shown to the customer for visual verification. 

We offer two complimentary re-checks with every treatment service. 

We educate you and your family about head lice and dispel the many myths associated with head lice. We aim to raise awareness on the prevention of lice and to advocate safe treatment options.

We give 10% back to the local community.

We are a certified woman-owned business.

We are a member of the Northwest Houston Chamber of Commerce.


Hours of Operation

Monday through Saturday 9:00am to 8:00pm by appointment only

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