The Crowning Mint employs the Shepherd Method™ for lice removal. This process, which was developed by Katie Shepherd of the Shepherd Institute, is the most effective lice removal process available. The method is a time-tested and proven means of treating once and monitoring afterwards.

While combing is a vital tool within the process, it is the methodical approach that ensures all hair has been examined, and all lice and nits have been removed. The process involves several safety checks which safeguard that, when you or your child leave our facility, The Crowning Mint has done absolutely everything possible to ensure a lice and nit-free head.  Unnecessary follow-ups and treatments are drastically reduced.

The process is meticulous and The Crowning Mint never takes short-cuts during the removal process. Patience is a virtue and there is no room for error. This is the only way to ensure a clean, lice-free head of hair. We guarantee our services because you as a client deserve the very best.

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